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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Cypress, TX

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Freeform Shamir Autograph III

The Freeform Shamir Autograph III is rightfully considered the best progressive lens on the market today by many independent optometrists and opticians. If you already wear progressive lenses, you’ll appreciate that no matter how much your glasses improve your vision, there are some limitations.

You may notice a swimming effect at the sides of your lenses or have a narrower field of vision than you would like. The Shamir Autograph is the first and only varifocal lens that eliminates these annoying constraints, giving you ultimate vision with no compromise.

Shamir Autograph III™ lenses are based on Shamir’s Direct Lens Technology – a cutting-edge Free Form Technology that is the most advanced surfacing technology for creating premium, personal, finished lenses for different lifestyles. As a result, Shamir Autograph III represents the height of customized back surface optics. Based on a groundbreaking concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph III® is a new balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient, and ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all with…

Addressing the Visual Experience of Hyperopic and Myopic Presbyopes

Shamir’s R&D team focused on the fact that although their lens design is the same, each patient’s perceived viewing field is significantly different, based on their prescription.

A minus power lens increases the field of view, while a positive power lens has the effect of reducing the field of view. This results in hyperopic patients experiencing a narrower viewing field than that experienced by their myopic counterparts.

Shamir Attitude III® Sport & Fashion

Taking Our Attitude One Step Further

Optician magazine Lens of Product of the Year 2015

Shamir Attitude III® Sport

Progressive sunwear lenses designed for sports and an active lifestyle.

Vision zones precisely suited for sports and active lifestyles

  • Far Vision- Wide and distortion-free far vision zone, with a moderate increase of power below the fitting point, providing clear and stable vision above and below the horizon. Perfect for dynamic sports in which rapid and sharp movements would otherwise cause distorted vision and affect performance.
  • Intermediate Vision- Corridor designed to ensure optimal vision of the Safety Zone. What is the Safety Zone? The 1-5m area in front of the athlete, critical for sports, which must be monitored continually in order to plan the next move and identify obstacles along the way. The Shamir Attitude III Sport lens maintains the precise optical power required for a comfortable and natural view of this crucial area.
  • Near Vision- Dynamic location of near vision zone for a clear and comfortable view of a watch, GPS and other sports gadgets.
  • Peripheral Vision- Expanded peripheral vision, specifically designed for large frames.
  • Outstanding overall soft design.

A perfect fit for any frame

  • Suited for any frame size and shape
  • Greater optical design stability for any frame

Shamir Attitude III® Fashion

Progressive sunwear lenses designed for a stylish lifestyle.

Vision zones precisely suited to the modern outdoor lifestyle

  • Far Vision- Wide and distortion-free far vision zone based on real workd images, for every prescription.
  • Intermediate Vision- Power profile specially designed for today’s modern lifestyles and the frequent use of digital devices.
  • Near Vision- Designed to minimize head tilts and the annoyance of lowering or raising a book, for comfortable reading positions.
  • Peripheral Vision- Expanded peripheral vision, specifically designed for large frames.
  • A next generation design of the successful Shamir Attitude®

A perfect fit for any frame

  • Suited for any frame size and shape
  • Greater optical design stability for any frame

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Varilux S Series


Varilux S Series lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses on the market today. Varilux S Series lenses provide all the benefits of other Varilux lens designs, while eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced when wearing other progressive lenses. Whatever the distance, whatever the situation, you will see the difference immediately.

Eliminate off-balance feeling.

Ordinary progressive lenses can cause an off-balance feeling like the world around you is moving. Varilux S Series lenses use revolutionary Nanoptix™ Technology to virtually eliminate the off-balance feeling, so you can feel more confident on the go.

Varilux Comfort


No more squinting in a candlelit restaurant or missing the subtle beauty during sunset. Get sharp, natural vision at any distance, even in low lighting conditions with Varilux Comfort lenses, featuring exclusive W.A.V.E. Technology: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement™.

NEAR VISION: Extended Area, Greater Comfort

W.A.V.E. Technology stabilizes power in an extended near area, allowing the eye to use a larger area of the lens, so wearers access near vision comfortably, with a greater field of sharpness.

LOW-LIGHT: Unsurpassed Sharpness

As pupils are particularly enlarged in low-light situations, aberrations are more apparent. W.A.V.E. Technology‘s coma control has a significant impact here even providing improved contrast sensitivity.

Varilux Physio


Transition from near to far and every distance in between smoothly and effortlessly. Varilux® Physio® features all the benefits of Varilux Comfort®, and uses the prescriptions from both your eyes so your lenses are calculated as a pair, letting your eyes work better together.