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Tired of wearing eyeglasses all the time? Ready to change up your look? Contact lenses can give you the clear vision and confidence you desire.

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Crystal Eyecare: Tailored Contact Lens Solutions

Are you curious about the world of contact lenses, or are you already an avid user seeking an upgrade for enhanced vision? Our team is skilled in contact lens fittings, ensuring the perfect match for your eyes. Let us help you discover the comfort and clarity of contacts tailored for you.

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Navigating Contact Lenses: Candidacy, Fitting, and Care

The process begins with a contact lens eye exam to assess your eye health and determine your contact candidacy. We'll discuss your lifestyle, visual needs, and any specific concerns to tailor our approach to you.

Finding Your Ideal Contact Lens Fit

Once candidacy is confirmed, our skilled optometrists conduct a precise contact lens fitting. We consider lens type, size, and curvature to ensure a snug fit and optimal vision. Whether you're exploring traditional contacts or specialized scleral lenses, we have the expertise to find the perfect match.

Contact lenses for your lifestyle

We determine your optimal contact lens based on your lifestyle needs, as well as your ocular health and eye shape. In most cases, we offer you the opportunity to try the lenses on the same day as your test.

Follow Up Fittings

Our Cypress team will follow up after the initial fitting and make any necessary changes in fit or materials to ensure you get the best possible result.


Embracing the Ease of Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are a convenient and comfortable solution for those seeking hassle-free vision correction. Brands like Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision offer exceptional options. Daily lenses do not need cleaning or storage — enjoy a fresh pair daily. Ideal for active lifestyles, they reduce the risk of eye infections and ensure consistent clarity. Plus, they're an excellent choice for occasional wearers or those with allergies.

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Discover Convenience with Extended Wear Contacts

Discover the freedom of bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses designed to bring ease and clarity to your vision. These lenses, including reputable brands like Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, and Alcon, offer a convenient alternative for those seeking longer wear options. Bi-weekly lenses can be worn for up to 14 days, while monthly lenses provide clarity for up to 30 days. This more extended wear period means fewer replacements and more convenience.


Bifocal and Multifocal Contacts: See Clearly at Every Distance

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between reading glasses and regular lenses. Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses bring clarity to every part of your day. These lenses have distinct zones that cater to various vision needs. Whether you're focusing on close-up tasks, mid-range activities, or distant views, these lenses seamlessly adapt, providing sharp and clear vision at all distances. Experience the ease of seamless transitions and the joy of visual comfort with these innovative contact lens solutions.

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    Scleral contact lenses are large diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses designed to pass over the cornea entirely, resting comfortably on the white of your eye, also known as the sclera.